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FTB2PROS2RFVPM2X VZ-FTB-2PRO-5001 FTB-2-PRO-S2-RF-VPM2X-FOA-54B-GP-10-095 2-slot capacity PRO Modular mainframe Windows 10 OS, QUAD Core CPU - Touchscreen, color, 1280 x 800 TFT, 256 mm (10.1 in) - RAM: 4 GB - Interfaces: > RJ-45 LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit/s > USB 2.0 ports (qty:2) > USB 3.0 port > Display port > 3.5 mm audio jack (speaker/mic) [Default & Included Options] • S2: Enhanced display for outdoor use • RF: Enabling built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capability ! The RF options is not available for sale in China • 64G: 64 GB internal flash storage • VPM2X: VFL + Power Meter - Visual Fault Locator (650 nm) With 2.5 mm Universal Adapter - Power Meter (GeX detector) With FOA-54B: SC Connector Adapter • GP-10-095: Semi-rigid carrying case. [Also Including] - Instruction Manual (Soft Copy) - Quick Reference Guide (Hard copy) - GP-2090: Li-Ion smart battery (qty:1) - GP-2123: 200W, AC Adapter with power cord - GP-2214: Hand strap - GP-2215: Handle - Built-in support of remote and local access to instrument using SCPI ! Not all modules are supported by SCPI commands FTB-5700-CDPMD-EI VZ-FTB-5700-5001 FTB-5700-CD-PMD-EI-EUI-89/91/98-TJ-B89-MIRROR-TJ-B91-MIRROR-TJ-B101-MIRROR Single-Ended CD and PMD Analyzer Module [Connector] • EI: EXFO UPC Connector Interface • EUI-89-EUI-91-EUI-98: FC, SC & LC Connector Adapters [Also Including] - Instruction Manual (Soft Copy) - Certificate of Calibration (Hard Copy) - Reflector jumpers (TJ-B89-MIRROR, TJ-B91-MIRROR & TJ-B101-MIRROR) [Notes] ! MUST be used with a FTB-2, FTB-2-PRO, FTB-4-PRO, FTB-200v2 or FTB-500 mainframe. FIP-435B-VZW-1 VZ-FIP-400B-5005 FIP-435B-UPC-FIPT-400-LC-K-UPC-FIPT-400-SCA-K-GP-2224/GP-10-071 MF READY Wireless Analysis Digital Video Inspection Probe - Automated Focus - Automated PASS-FAIL analysis - Triple Magnification - Auto Center - ConnectorMax2 Software - ConnectorMax2 Mobile Software ! Available on App Store and Google Play [UPC Bulkhead and Patchcord tips] UPC Bulkhead Includes: - FIPT-400-FC-SC: FC-SC Bulkhead tip - FIPT-400-U25M: Universal patchcord tip (2.5mm ferrule) [Also including] - FIPT-BOX: Compartmented plastic case for tips - GP-2225: USB to Micro USB cable - GP-2226: Rechargeable battery (qty:1) - GP-2227: USB AC adapter ! For North America, Japan, China, Europe, Argentina, India Australia and New-Zealand, United-Kingdom ! NO USB Cable included - GP-2175: Protective cap & cord assembly - GP-3108: Compartmented soft pouch - GP-2224: Belt holster for FIP-425B / 435B - GP-10-071: Small Size Soft Carrying Case [Tips also included] • FIPT-400-U12M: Universal Patchcord Tip for 1.25 mm Ferrules • FIPT-400-U25MA: Universal Patchcord Tip for 2.5 mm/APC Ferrule • FIPT-400-LC-SQ: LC Tip for Bulkhead Adapter • FIPT-400-SC-APC: SC/APC Tip for Bulkhead Adapter

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